How to Find the Right Winning Penny Auction Strategy reviews -
With some practice, patience, and persistence, online shoppers can become seasoned bidders. However, a solid set of strategies is necessary to win. To cut days off the learning curve, we have put together this winning penny auction strategy guide.

It is important that no matter a player’s skill level that they do not start bidding on sites that use bots because they will never win. reviews - Novice bidders should accumulate as many bids as possible through earning complimentary bids, referring friends and family, bidding on bid packages, and researching sites that run contests and promotions. Many penny auctions use and to publicize this information.

Amateur bidders should research a few different penny auction sites to understand how the process works. Once someone feels comfortable with a certain site, he or she should pay attention to the site’s seasoned bidders.

Novice penny auction bidders should begin bidding on items with low retail values such as movies, video games, and gift cards, until they feel comfortable enough to move onto higher ticket items.

Timing is very important to beat the competition. It is recommended that bidders wait until off peak hours to start placing bids on penny auctions. Early morning and late evenings are the best times as there is a least amount of traffic.

Wait until the last five or ten minutes before entering bids in an auction. There is no point to wasting bids on an auction that still has an hour left because it is almost certain other bidders will start placing bids as the clock counts down to zero.

Mid level and seasoned bidders can try to use the “jump” strategy. This strategy involves watching an auction for quite some time to determine the best time to place the bid; however, placing a bid in the beginning of the auction is considerate and shows a level of interest. reviews - If a user sees other bidders shooting off power bids, it is in the user’s best interest to walk away from the auction because chances are he or she will not win. Wait until that item is up for auction again and jump in later in the auction.

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